Graduate Research


Qasim Umar Khan

Supervisor: Prof Dr. Mojeeb Bin Ihsan
Thesis Topic: Analysis and Design of Square and Rectangular Patch Antennas Using Higher Order Modes.
Completed: 2016


  • Qasim Umar Khan, Mojeeb Bin Ihsan, “Higher Order Modes: A Solution for High Gain, Wide Band Patch Antennas for Different Vehicular Applications” Accepted for publication in IEEE Transaction on Vehicular Technology, 2016.
  • Qasim Umar Khan, Dilaawaiz Fazal, and Mojeeb bin Ihsan “Use of Slots to Improve Performance of Patch in Terms of Gain and Sidelobes Reduction” IEEE Antennas And Wireless Propagation Letters, pp 422-425, VOL. 14, 2015
  • Qasim Umar Khan, Mojeeb Bin Ihsan, “Higher order mode excitation for high gain microstrip patch antenna”, AEU-International Journal of Electronics and Communications, 2014, DOI 10.1016/j.aeue.2014.05.009
  • Qasim Umar Khan and Mojeeb Bin Ihsan, “Design Guidelines for Designing High Gain Patch Antenna in the Ku-band, CENICS 2015”: The Eighth International Conference on Advances in Circuits, Electronics and Micro-electronics, pp 13-16, ISBN: 978-1-61208-430-5.
  • Qasim Umar Khan, Mojeeb Bin Ihsan, "A new microstrip star shaped patch antenna," TENCON Spring Conference, 2013 IEEE, pp.53,56, 17-19 April 2013.

Dilaawaiz Fazal

Supervisor: Prof Dr. Mojeeb Bin Ihsan
Thesis Topic:
Completed: In Progress

MS (In Progress)

Irum Saba

Supervisor: Prof Dr. Mojeeb Bin Ihsan

Kaleem ullah Khan

Supervisor: Prof Dr. Mojeeb Bin Ihsan

MS (Previous Research)

Name of the Student Thesis Title Year
Tahir Abbas High Efficiency Doherty Power Amplifier for LTE 2015
Syed Muhammad Ammar Ali Leaky Wave Antenna 2015
Tariq Saeed Electronically Tunable Bandpass Filters 2014
Aamir Javed Design Of An Automatic Target Classifier for Ground Surveillance Radar 2013
Umar Hasan Khan A Narrow Band Substrate Integrated Waveguide Filter Using EM Simulation 2013
Bilal Aslam Compact Ultra Wideband Band Bandpass Filter With High Stopband Rejection 2013
Muhammad Shehbaz Performance Comparison Of lambdag/2 And Ring Resonator Based Oscillators 2013
Ali Ahmed High Performance GaN based Switch Mode Class F and Inverse Class F Power Amplifier 2012
Dilaawaiz Fazal Improvement in the Performance of Triangular Patch Antenna Using Partial Koch Fractal Boundary 2012
Sidrah Liaqat Automatic Recognition of Ground Radar Targets 2011
Abbas Bin Younus High Directivity Fractal Microstrip Antenna 2010
Attiq-Ur-Rehman Parallel Coupled Microstrip Bandpass Filter with Harmonic Suppression Using Different Shape Grooves 2010
Sayed Zeeshan Asghar Design of Multi Target Tracker for Ground Surveillance Radar 2010
Muhammad Anis Chaudhary Spatial Power Combining in Rectangular Waveguides Using Dense Finline Arrays 2010
Muhamad Imran System Level Design and Development of IBMS Radio 2010
Tariq Mehmood Phase Noise Performance Evaluation of Oscillators Using Various Resonant Circuits 2010
Khizar Hayat Design and Development of Multi-Stage L-band Power Amplifier Using GaN HEMT 2010
Javed Ahmad Radiation Pattern Improvement of Patch Antenna Embedded in Dielectric Coating Using Artificial Surfaces 2009
Zia Ullah Khan Simulation Design of Spiral Antenna 2009
Muhammad Waqas Multiband Sierpinski Fractal Antenna 2009
Muhammad Wasif Niaz Design and Fabrication of Microstrip Reflectarray Using Patches of variable Size 2009
Adil Hussain Band-Pass Frequency Selective Surface for Radome Application 2009
Hafiz Muhammad Jafar Development of Compact Wide-band Broad Side RMSA Suitable for On-board Applications 2009
Rehman Ahmed Low Profile Antennas For Mobile Communication Applications 2009
Raja Naouman Akhtar Improvement in Bandwidth of Low Noise Amplifier using Electromagnetic Band gap Structures 2009
Khawaja Abdul Waheed Cross-Coupled (Planar) Open Loop Resonator Bandpass Filters with Wider Stopband Characteristics 2009
Zubair Ahmed Low Side Lobe Microstrip Folded Dipole Antenna Array for Radar Application 2008
Muhammad Haris Khan Performance Analysis & Verification of PON Type Retrodirective Arrays 2008
Kashif Siddiq Adaptive CFAR Detection For Ground-Based Radar 2007
Sara Hameed Dar Design of a Low Side Lobe Slotted Waveguide Planar Array 2007
Yawar Nadeem Performance Analysis of Various Circuit Topologies of Dros Designed AT KU-Band Frequencies 2006
Naveed Ahsan Integrated Microstrip Patch Antenna and LNA Assembly for GPS Repeaters 2002
Javed Iqbal Design, Fabrication and Characterization of An X – Band Two Stage Low Noise Amplifier 1999
Naseer Ul Hassan Design, Fabrication and Measurement of An X-Band Tunable Active Parallel-Coupled Microstrip Bandpass Filter 1999
Azmat Ullah Design, Fabrication and Measurement of AN X-Band Microwave Mixer To Be Realized in Microstrip Configuration 1999
Azhar Kamal Design, Fabrication and Measurement of An X – Band Tunable Active Parallel- Coupled Microstrip Bandpass Filter 1998
Aftab Ahmed Khan Lughmani Fullwave Analysis of Microstrip Transmission Line 1998
Mubashir Ul Haq Abbasi Design and Fabrication of Low Noise Amplifier 1998
Zubair Suleman Magnetron Sputtering Source 1998