Microwave Engineering Research Laboratory (MERL) is conducting research and development work in electronic systems, biomedical applications of microwave and radar technology, microwave active and passive circuits, antennas, radar signal processing, and target classification. MERL has already developed microwave transmitter and receiver, and a range of industrial level circuit modules such as low noise amplifiers, medium gain amplifiers, power amplifiers, microstrip and waveguide filters, power dividers, power combiners, frequency multipliers, mixers, microstrip patch antenna array, folded dipole antenna array, slotted waveguide antenna array, and signal processing card with multiple I/O interfaces. The laboratory is staffed with a team of highly qualified faculty members and research engineers experienced in the use of EDA tools such as Agilent's ADS, Ansoft corporation's HFSS, and Matlab. The laboratory is well equipped with test and measurement equipment up to 40 GHz. This includes Network Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzers and Vector Signal Generator, and a Cascade Probe station. Manufacturing facilities include Wedge bonder, LPKF H60 circuit milling machine, through hole platting setup, hydraulic press for multilayer circuits and surface mount soldering station equipped with microscope.